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Baby Baby
Infants look, listen, touch, smell, and taste their way through the first year of life as proud parents chart baby's first smiles, rolls, claps, words, and steps. Items designed to stimulate baby's senses and encourage hand-to-eye coordination make g
Baby Shower Baby Shower
Customarily given four to six weeks before or after baby's arrival, showers provide friends and family a chance to deluge the mom-to-be with the tools of her new trade. Lately, it's not uncommon to find men at such gatherings, and showers for exp
Bookworms Bookworms
See Also: Gifts for TeachersNothing brings more joy to a bookworm's heart than curling up with a great book. Whether reading to learn, to escape, or to relax, the bookworm will always find a place in his or her heart for the giver of a well
Dog Lovers Dog Lovers
See Also: Gifts for TeachersThere's truth to the old adage, "Like me, like my dog." A gift to a beloved pet is a thoughtful gesture that will be long remembered. Here are some doggone great gift ideas for dogs and the people that
Fitness Buffs Fitness Buffs
A fitness buff has muscle tone where some of us don't even have muscles. For some, fitness is an obsession. For others, it's a chore. For most, it's a way to maintain psychological and physical well being. Whatever the motiva
Gardeners Gardeners
See Also: Gifts for Teachers Emerson maintained, "A garden is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coat—skirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistible destruction." The gar
Gift Baskets Gift Baskets
Do you want to give a gift that is fashionable, flexible, and fun? Gift baskets—and other self-contained gifts—are the answer. Pick one up from the grocery store, the department store, a specialty shop, or a mail-
Gift Certificates Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates Some gift givers maintain that giving gift certificates ensures the recipient will get exactly what he wants. Some gift recipients maintain that giving gift certificates is an easy way out on the part of the giver. Like everyth
Gifts for Her Gifts for Her
You’ve heard in on the television, you’ve seen it in the paper. This minute’s must-have gift for the woman in your life. Don’t cave in to the hype. Advertising to the contrary, there is no single gift that
Gifts for Him Gifts for Him
When asked what gifts they want, men often reply, "Oh, anything will do." Our research shows they really mean it. Men are relatively indifferent about the gifts they receive (see National Gift Preferences Survey). But whe
Gifts That GiveTwice Gifts That GiveTwice
Cash donations in a recipient's name and gifts from organizations whose profits support worthy causes are great ways to maximize the good your gift dollars can do. Here are just a few ways to give gifts that give twice.
Outdoor Cooks Outdoor Cooks
You can find them serving up hot guts (spicy link sausage) ranch-side in Texas, barbecuing lobster and clams seaside in New England, and grilling vegetables poolside in California. They assemble en masse in heated competition and
Runners & Walkers Runners & Walkers
It's simple. It's natural. It can be done just about anywhere, by just about anyone, at just about any time. Running and walking are great ways to relieve stress, stay in shape, and enjoy the scenery. One can scarcely walk do
Sports Fans Sports Fans
Team helmet umbrellas, tailgate folding chairs, helmet grills, stadium seats, beanbag chairs, coolers, and other team logo items are available through Sports Fan Products, Gifts for baseball enthusiasts are abundant. Nos
Teachers Teachers
Teachers have a way of making learning come alive for a class of inquisitive minds and give so much of themselves in the process. When it's time to give back to a teacher, the following gift ideas get high marks. Teachers
Wedding Shower Wedding Shower
Lingerie, kitchen, and linen showers for the bride are giving way to travel, hardware, and electronics showers for the bride and the groom. The next time you're invited to a wedding shower, it just might be a shower for two. The savvy hostess (or h

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