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FrumUs was created to make giving a group gift a pleasure.  FrumUs brings together the ability to invite people to contribute to a gift, share ideas on what to purchase AND go shopping online.  

FrumUs was founded by a Boston-area working mother when her son's baseball season ended without anyone taking up a collection for a coach's gift.  Since passing the envelope in the bleachers was no longer an option, she turned to her computer and was suprised to find no turn-key solution for collecting money and purchasing a group gift online.  She decided to put her 20-plus years of marketing experience to work and she created FrumUs.com.  This budding entrepreneur has brought together experts in gift giving, ecommerce and marketing to create a website that is easy to navigate and effective in streamlining what was once a multi-step manual process.  Whether it's a coach, teacher, shower or birthday gift, now taking up a collection doesn't have to take up lots of time!  

Enjoy FrumUs.com for free and help us spread the word that it's finally okay to raise your hand and volunteer for that group gift collection!

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