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BOSTON, MA  -- Each holiday season, legions of well intentioned parents add “group gift collection” to their long task list. There are teachers, coaches and bus drivers to thank, and each group gift involves getting the word out, tracking down and depositing money, shopping and selecting the right time to give the gift. A new, free website called, founded by a working mother, automates the entire group gift giving process with online gift envelopes that allow organizers to collect money, vote, gather comments and shop.

FrumUs features shopping destinations ranging from gift card providers like American Express and Discover; as well as unique gifts from stores like Brookstone and Uncommon Goods, and practical gifts from Target, Gap and Footlocker. FrumUs collections are processed through the organizer's PayPal account with no minimum collection amounts and no FrumUs fees. Totals collected are trackable on the gift envelope page (including any cash donations received off-line), collection deadline dates are noted, and the organizer can start a discussion about dates for a party or any topic. After previewing the online collection envelope, the organizer imports email addresses and sends a personal note with a link directly to their personal FrumUs collection page.

“This holiday season, both time and money are scarce. We hope FrumUs empowers more people to pool their money to purchase gifts for friends, family and those who make a difference in their lives all year,” explained FrumUs Founder Karen O’Neil. There are five less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and more people have indicated they plan to shop online to save time and gas. Group gift giving is widespread with over half of U.S. women participating in a group gift annually according to some reports (VoiceQuilt Trends in Gift Giving Report). In addition to providing a solution for parents collecting for coaches and teachers, FrumUs is a popular solution for office baby and bridal shower gift collections, as well as families and friends collecting for birthdays and anniversaries.

FrumUs, Inc. was founded after O'Neil's son's baseball season ended in 2006 without anyone taking up a collection for a coach's gift. Since passing the envelope was no longer an option, she turned to her computer and was surprised to find no turn-key solution for collecting money and purchasing a group gift online. O'Neil put her 20-plus years of marketing experience to work along with experts in gift giving, ecommerce and marketing to create a website that effectively streamlines what was once a multi-step manual process.

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